Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 12 - 30-12-2011

(Skeet) Today we rode 671km from Lusaka to Mpika, roads were pretty good, we had an early start which helped a lot, we still got here after 16:00, was also my birthday today so at a stretch of road where we stopped under a very rare sight, a bridge, I got to open some birthday cards I brought from South Africa with me from my parents and my grandfather which was great, I really enjoyed being so far, yet so close to everyone.
 A large portion of the route today has just been re-tarred so we were able to cover some distance at a decent pace, only 6 Police check points today (A trick I realised was to place all my paperwork on the see-through pouch on top of my tank bag, that way when they ask you for anything, the papers are in clear view of them and they normally just wave us on, they normally do not ask too many questions when they see bikes they just wave you through), tomorrow we should be crossing over into Tanzania and then we are on the home stretch to Dar Es Salaam.

Day 11 - 29-12-2011

(Skeet) Today we rode from Vic Falls in Zimbabwe (where we got way too comfortable at ShoeStrings) A side note: everything in Zim is extremely expensive compared to everywhere else!  Border took a bit of time, but not too long, cost about $45 per bike to come into the country.
We rode to Lusaka, despite what people say the roads so far have been pretty good, 495km today and all is going well! Lusaka is pretty huge with buildings that are quite big compared to everywhere else.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 7 - 25-12-11

Its Christmas, woke up at 5am and made Shaun a Xmas breakfast of Baked Beans (with a little Indian Moonshine, AKA , Chilli Powder) and scrambled eggs, it was delicious. 

Today is a chilled out day exploring the town and went on a sunset river cruise on the Chobe river.  the river is teaming with wildlife, loads of Hippos, Elephants (its is said that the park has 60 000 ellies).  the crocs reach 5 metres.

this was epic.

Day 6 - 24-12-11

300 KM ride from Nata to Kasane today.  What an awesome ride, the roads werein great condition, the Chinese are busy with construction of the new highway.  Had about 45 km of a badly potholed road, the bikes are amazing, they fly over thos potholes, did that section at 120km hr, what great fun.

Arrived in Kasane at Thebe river lodge campsite.  the first night camping.  got settled and had no sleep all night, camping Sucks!!....a storm in the middle of the night caught us out and we battled the wet weather to put up our fly sheets, not very pleasant.

Had a Xmas dinner with Skeet to Celebrate at the campsite rest, okish.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 5 - 23-12-11

Today was a short ride from the crazy traffic in Francistown to Nata Lodge.  what an amazing place, again awesome value, staying in a safari tent tonite.  we have not yet pitched our tents and quite frankly i dont care if we dont ever see the tents.

Going on a sunset game drive on the Makalagadi Salt pans today.

Day 4 - 22-12-11

(Imo) Made our way to Francistown from Gabs today.  Despite all the warnings, the roads are awesome.  Drivers are a little crazy though, DONT ever take anything for granted in Africa.  Its sooooo hot we have been riding with our visors open, Both Skeet and i had our faces exfoliated by a sand truck that flew past us....Ouch!!

Accomodation at Emoyo sucked!!! so we stayed at Tati River lodge, Airconditioned luxury with an amazing breakfast for 200 bucks, Thumbs Up!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 3

(Skeet) We are safely in Gaborone, the bikes are going great and we have found a nice rhythm. We are really having a great time. Spent a lot of time at the border mainly at Botswana side.

(IMO) left Jhb at 11,discovered last nite that my bank account was cleaned out as a result of online fraud, went to the bank today and all is sorted. Broke the first rule today,arrived inGabs and rode at night. Stayed at Mokolodi backpackers....what a stunning place , a far cry from the backpackers norm,Hendricks, the owner has done a stunning job.

Off to Francistown tomorrow, shud be an easy 400km ride, looking forward to getting into Chobe and chilling for a few days.

Potholes are starting to make their presence known, gonna get crazy from here. 9000 km and we are back home. Still a loooooong way to go, Exciting!!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 2

(Skeet) We are safely in Jhb, staying at a backpackers near Rosebank, ride so far has gone well, I am amazed at how the bikes just eat up the km's! Tomorrow we leave South Africa.

Thanks Ray and Robs for coming out to meet us, it was great seeing you guys!

Day 1

(IMO)We are off. After an emotional goodbye we left filled with excitement and made our way to our first stop. skeet had a wedding to attend in Balgowan, so we spent the first night at Sierra Ranch, spectacular views with amusing country music. Wow!!! The journey has finally begun after months of anticipation.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Bike has been washed, everything has been checked(AIO), chain and all parts lubed, and she is ready to roll!
Now to do the final packing and final checking that all my equipment is ready and then its just a case of loading up the bike and Monday morning it is go time!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 Root Canals done and dusted......now i am ready for this trip

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I am forgetting something!!!!!.....Damn, i just wanna hit the road now, really tired of the preparations!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

12 More Sleeps

12 More Sleeps and we are off. we are nervously excited!!! boooooooyaaaaa