Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 32 - 19.01.12

The storm had passed and we left this morning with the intention of seeing how far we could get towards Maputo, we left with it raining a little bit, I decided to finally use my rain suit, a short way into the ride the regulator started giving trouble again. And instead of swapping batteries like we did the day before, IMO decided he was going to have a look. It seemed to charge after reseating again, so we carried on, a short while later, the problem occured again. This time, I decided that we were not going to reseat the whole thing and just left it where it was and pushed the plug as hard as I could down onto the unit. It is not the regulator, it is definately the plug and the contacts.

Riding down the coast give us the comforting feeling that we are headed home, as long as the beach and sea is on our left hand side, we are in the right direction.

As soon as this photo got taken I took the rain suit off as I felt like a chicken roasting inside an oven bag. The R120 rain suit worked well in the heavy rain we went through before this.

We made it to Xai-Xai at about 14:30 and decided that the 200kms to Maputo is to far to safely make it before dark. Lonley planet guided us to Complexo Touristico Hailey (Hailey's Comet Hotel)

Accomodation was comfortable, had an aircon in the room and had my first set of seafood from Mozambique.

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