Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 35 - 22.01.12 - Home sweet home!

This morning for a change IMO was awake before I was, think it was the first time on the trip and he had coffee ready for me.

We packed up and went through St Lucia on our way home and  boy it felt good to be going home.

When we were leaving South Africa and all the way through Botswana we had seen Wimpy's and we were looking forward to the time where we would not see another Wimpy, funny part was from Zambia on we had been longing to see a Wimpy.
We had long conversations about the morning where we would see the Wimpy by Richards Bay and how we would enjoy the breakfast there. Almost to the point of counting the days.

When we arrived at the Wimpy in Richards Bay, there was a minibus load of passengers mulling about in the parking lot, they all got a big fright when these people on bikes pulls in and shout for joy when they see the Wimpy and are finally at a Wimpy.

Damn that was a good breakfast!!

We rode together to Umhlanga and then we parted ways, thanking each other for the great experience.

I had kept it a secret from my parents when I would be getting home, they were under the impression that we would be back on the 30 Jan so when I got back to Amanzimtoti I pushed my bike down the street to my house and snuck in. They were pleasantly surprised!

Total distance on my odometer was 9157km
And yes, we are back a week early.
To all those who patiently waited for the next instalment, sorry for the delay.

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