Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 33 - 20.01.12

We had a short distance to travel today, the 200km's from Xai-Xai to Maputo. So we left a little bit later after having breakfast.
We had got some very sketchy directions to the hotel we planned on staying at, the GPS was unable to find it, only able to find the road that led to a road that this place was on.

Good news is the bike is still working fine!!

We got to Maputo and after sitting in the traffic for a long time and getting more and more agitated as we went around in circles following peoples directions and we decided to give up on the location we were originally going to go to and go to Casa Da Sol. The GPS found Casa Da Sol and took us down some dirt roads and eventually tried to take us down a foot path that was built up by sandbags. This is where we decided ask for some directions, the first set of people I asked all said No Speaka English, and then IMO found someone who was going that way and they would show us the way. I now had to back my bike up on soft sand and nobody wanted to help, eventually got the bike going backwards and I slip with the bike going down gently onto its side. Now if nobody is going to help push the bike back, then nobody is going to help pick the bike up and IMO is on soft sand as well so cant leave his bike... this is going to be interesting.

I dont know what happened, adrenaline must have kicked in or maybe I am just a lot stronger then I thought, but I managed to pick the bike up solo, all 260+kgs of it! And so we followed the guys to Casa Da Sol, IMO insists that I go inside to check the rooms, but I am buggered cos of picking the bike up and I was not feeling too well to start off with(stomach was not happy with something!!), so he went inside and the rooms are a lot better then we expected.(at this stage if you gave me a cushion in a shady spot I would be more then happy to lie down and sleep all afternoon!)

After offloading the bikes and having a shower we decided to head off to the mall to explore, We met some people who had come from Nelspruit and have opened a very interesting concept, a 6D cinema, very interesting experience! We were quite impressed with seeing a proper shopping centre and the mix in the centre (although a small centre) was very diverse, ranged from surf shops to massage parlours.

We then went back past all the street vendors back to Casa Da Sol to work on the bikes and do some maintenance.

Got to have a bit of an afternoon nap and woke up to go have supper feeling a lot better then I was earlier in the day. The seafood platter (below) and sangria went down well for me!

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