Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 30 - 17.01.12

We woke up this morning and realised that pushing to Vulunculos would be too far, so we had a relaxed ride out of town, Imran is now using his MX goggles as he has lost hi sunglasses so whenever I look in my mirror I am reminded of the movie TopGun!

Rather a straight-forward ride today, not too much happened. A few interesting looking koppies and more people trying to sell us watermelons, live chickens, mangoes and pineapples.

We ended the day in a town called Chimoio.
We got to town and while IMO was getting some money from the ATM, I was asking around for directions to the Pink Papaya Backpackers, found a South African who gave us the directions and said it was great to see some bikes other then BMW's doing these trips.

After going around in circles trying to find the Pink Papaya we found the initial directions were quite accurate, but the sign for the Pink Papaya was very small.

Went for a walk past the local fruit market, on our quest to find some food and ended up going to the Plaza as the place suggested in the Lonely Planet had closed down.

Met with some more interesting people today. A couple on a year long trip around the world, another couple from Namibia and another guy from Europe.

We got a caravan for the evening, was actually very comfortable. Was an interesting evening cos a big storm hit and all the sounds inside the caravan are amplified.

We are now about half-way to Vilankulos.

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