Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 29 - 16.01.12

Got our dry clothes back this morning, was very impressed with the service. Packed up our stuff and settled the room in a mixture of dollars and Malawi Kwacha.
Rode a different but still muddy road out of the lodge and made our way to the border, border crossing went quite smoothly, took a little bit of time to get all the paperwork done but the ladies and gentlemen at the Mozambique border were very friendly (a far differnt experience from my last time I entered Mozambique) we rode to the the first town to try find some petrol and there was only black market and we would have to change dollars to buy as neither of our cards would work at the ATM. We decided to push on, IMO bought 5litre of the stuff on the side of the road (I did not like the look of the stuff!!) and we carried on, I still had my 10litre jerry can on the back and had last fueled up in Mzuzu. This tank of petrol was just lasting and lasting, I was very impressed, but finally it had to end!
Managed to get 576.5km off of a single 23 litre tank of petrol!!

Used up the jerry can and made it to the town just before Tete, where we found something we had both been longing for, a petrol station (if you are travelling and concerned about the long distances, the whole way, there were people selling petrol in bottles on the side of the road). Fueled up and filled the Jerry Can again and we stayed at a place called Hotel Nhungue, all the accomodation in Tete seems quite expensive and this place is on our route out of town and allows us a place to park the bikes off the road and do some much needed maintenance. Got here and after riding through pouring rain on the way here we had both dried out and while waiting for Imo to check out the rooms, the temp guage shot to 42c, got to leave some of my stuff in the sun to dry out like my camera and boots.
Went for a walk a little earlier on to Tete town and take some pics of the Tete bridge(we rode over it earlier on in the day),got to town carrying my camera (in a discreet way) and the Policia wanted to escort me around, 3 guys with machine guns, very friendly but I told them I liked to keep a low profile, so thanks, but not this time. 
Tete Bridge

Welcome to Tete

Found out this evening that there was wifi here and this is how we finally got to catch up with the blog.
Gonna try a long stretch tomorrow and push to Vilankulos and now that there is petrol readily available we can travel at normal speeds! We are both keen on getting home now.

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  1. Glad to hear that everything is going smoothly. Thanks for the pics, nice to be able to see and share with you. Travel safely and enjoy the rest of your trip.