Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 20 - 07.01.12

Finally reached our destination.....Arrived in Zanzibar today after a stunning ferry crossing.  Amazing teal waters and abundant communities working the oceans.

Stonetown has a really old charm, cant wait to go and explore.  We checked into the Tembo Hotel, probably a 3 or 4 star, we paid for this luxury.....wow!!

Fresh water from the taps (not salt water), we feel refreshed.  Shaun has gone off on some prison tour (thats a very busy boy), i have opted to stick around and chill at the pool.  tonite we are off to the market.

Take care folks!


Well, as IMO stated above, we are here, Zanzibar is interesting with a lot of interesting people, of which most of them are trying to haggle you out of your cash, went to Prison Island on this small wooden boat with one guy steering, the other bailing water out with a cut open bottle, it is about 3.5miles from the main Zanzibar island and apparently was a prison for about 150 yrs, this has been converted into a hotel and still tries to retain some of its original character, saw some of the largest tortioses I have ever seen, one of them was 185yrs old, spent a short time walking around and then went snorkelling a short distance off shore, sea was very choppy (didnt even plan on going snorkelling today, but before leaving Zanzibar got down to the shore and was asked if I had a mask, snorkel and fins or if I wanted to hire) visibility wasnt the greatest but saw a large variety of tropical fish and had these tiny jellyfish sticking to me.. all in all a very enjoyable experience! A note for any travellers, always ask for the best price here, most people are willing to negotiate!

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