Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 23 - 10-01-12

After saying goodbye to Joe(the owner of Makadi Beach Backpackers who had come out early to see us off),we got to leave Makadi Beach nice and early, and squeezed our way amongst all the traffic piling onto the Ferry to Dar Es Salaam CBD, was relatively nice and early, but still had the fight with the rush hour traffic, met with a guy named Simon who was keen on taking us to a meet with his biking club who do weekend outrides on their 250 and 450 enduro bikes down the coast, this would have been very interesting except it was gonna take place after we had already left!.

It felt good to be on the road again, but the ride out felt a lot longer then the ride into Dar Es Salaam even though we weren't having troubles with my bike this time. All seems fine after reseating the regulator (Apparently this is a common problem on the XT660Z)
Bumped into a group of German bikers who were on their way up to Nairobi, they had got their bikes shipped to Windhoek and had ridden their bikes down the West coast, around the Cape and up the East Coast to Nairobi where their bikes would then be shipped back to Germany. A mixture of bikes, BMW GS's, KTM 990's and another XT660Z Tenere in stock standard format.
Was an interesting ride but was long (501km) and with it taking some time to get out of Dar Es Salaam, we ended up getting to Iringa later in the afternoon, this resulted in us sometimes going a little bit faster through some of the towns (all the towns are 50km/h zones and many of them have a person hiding somewhere with a pocket held radar-gun) and of course, this ended up in us getting pulled over, 61km/h in a 50km/h zone, Imran was in front and spoke nicely to the traffic officer and told him that he had been in an accident and just wanted to get to Iringa to relax, the cop after thinking a bit and looking at the bike decided to let us carry on at no extra charge, well done IMO!

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