Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 26 - 13.01.12

After stocking up last night at the local supermarket with peacful sleep and a couple of other supplies, we spoke to Gerard the owner of Mzoozoo and he suggested instead of going to Monkey Bay, rather go to Kande Beach, it was only 100km away and it is very peaceful and a place to enjoy the lake, apparently the view is also better.
We followed his advice and due to it being Friday the 13th, we decided we were going to only travel a very short distance and take it very easy on the roads, dont want to tempt fate too much!

Got to Kande and saw the sign for Kande Beach and followed this sandy road down until we came to a solid gate it had just started to rain as we got there, went inside and it was quite a nicely setup lodge, decided to take a beach cabin and enjoy the view. It was really weird seeing such a large mass of water and it is dead quiet with almost no waves.

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