Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 13 - 31/01/11

Ok so the reality is that we are not going to make Dar for New Years Eve, new plan lets make the Tanzania Border and see what happens, 400 km to get there, very achievable.  After an early start and a great breakfast we are off.  The ride has a great momentum and we are thoroughly enjoying the road.  The truckers are crazy though, you see them....stop!! move out of their way and let them go on....only way to be safe.  so we are now about 5 k/m away from a little town called Isoka, nursing the bikes and travelling real slow as we are allmost out of fuel, plan is to limp into Isoka, fuel up and head on to the border.  All going well, Jack Johnson playing on the ipod and i am loving this.

Crunch!!!!......WTF!!!! what was that, it took me a moment to realise that something just hit me, bike went into a speed wobble, WTF WTF!!!!, got on the comms, Fuck Fuck!! Shaun i have just crashed, and i am still trying to regain control of the bike, then this massive Truck and Trailer flies by me, Shit that truck just crashed into me!!!!

This is surreal, how cud this happen?!!....luckily i somehow managed to regain control of the bike, brought it to  a stop and got off, BANG!! the bike fell to the ground, i forgot to kick out the sidestand.....but my back flipping hurts and i feel like throwing up, so here i am on my knees in the mud and Shaun arrives.  Must have been a huge freak out for him when he saw me and the bike down.

Hey Pal....are you ok?.....i am good, i am alive......how the hell i managed to get out of this alive i have no idea!!

The truck stopped a few hundred metres down the road, the driver abandoned the truck and absconded.

By this time, a mob had gathered form the bushes and wanted to look for the truck driver, they were pissed off!!

Ok so what now?

Before i left AK, said to me....any issues in Zambia, call me and i will sort you out.  So at first glance the bike is stuffed, need to get the bike and me home....THIS Trip is over!!!! and i will never ever ride a bike again....Just really stoked to be alive!!

So i call AK and explain what happened while Shaun rode to a nearby police roadblock to get them.

Shaun arrives with the Police in tow, what happened, fortunately everyone in Zambia speaks great english.  Explained the situation, they took measurements etc and arranged for a truck to take the bike back to Isoka, about 3 km away.

on closer inspection we realised that if we remove the pannier boxes and with a little brute force i might be able to limp the bike into town

the plan worked and i managed to get the bike into Isoka, once the police formalities were over, the plan is now to get me and the bike to Lusaka, AK has arranged for a mate with a car carrier to get the bike from Lusaka back home and i will fly back.

The police introduce me to Francis, after negotiating we finally agreed on a rate of 1200 USD to get the bike to Lusaka (900 km away).....i agree cause all i wanna do is get back home.

we then get escorted to Limset Lodge, what a dump!!!

Still in absolute shock, AK and Adam have been on the fone constantly, what amazing friends!!

The fone rings, Hello, its Professor Ngoma, how are you? are you ok? are you hurt? do you need medical attention?

i am okay, thank you.....who are you?

Prof Ngoma is the head of Pediatrics at Lusaka Hospital, AK got in contact with her......WOW!!

So, i finally decide to call Zee, i need to speak with her.........contrary to the drama from everyone else and the calls to come back home......Zee is happy that i am ok and insists that i find a way to go on with the trip..........WTF!!

 I insist that i will go home.  AK Calls again, remember Sabera, an old friend, well she is now married and living in Lusaka, give her a call.

I called Sabs, she is ecstatic that i am ok and wants to help, her husband Lloyd takes over and gets the wheels turning so that i dont have to pay the 1200 USD to get back to Lusaka.

A few hours later Lloyd puts me in contact with My Nyimereka, he is the Deputy Police Commissioner for Lusaka.....WOW!! WOW!!......dont worry son, you are now in good hands, i will get you home.

Back at Limset Dump, i unpack and shaun takes what he needs to continue the journey without me.  i crash at about 9 and sleep through the church bells and fireworks bringing in the new year.

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