Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 14 - 01/01/12

I wake up, feeling really shit!! this cant be over, shud i continue, i am sooooo scared to ride now!
So i get on the bike and take it for a ride......best thing i ever did, i managed to find the courage to push on......Shaun is elated that i will continue.

So we set off to "town" and try and find a welder to fix the bike. a few hours later thje frame is welded, panniers are back on......a wooden branch is cable tied to the bike to hold the indicators and we are all set.


Lets hit the road now, i wanna get the hell out of Zambia.

we arrived at the Nakonde border post to Tanzania at about 13h00, absolute chaos, the busiest we have seen so far.  we were swarmed by hordes of fixers wanting to assist us.  Eventually settled on Ismail an insurance broker that sorted us out with our Comesa Third Party Insurance.

While waiting for our passports to be stamped, one of the locals had an epileptic fit and knocked my bike over, blood everywhere.....By now i had developed a serious sense of humour and took it in my stride.

Formalities done, we set off into Tanzania.

What a stunning country, without question the best of the trip so far.

we arrived in Mbeya later that afternoon and got settled at the Mbeya Hotel.  Great value at R230 per night.  After a shower (the 1st one in 2 days), we had a great meal, the town is very Muslim and has a strong North Indian influence.

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