Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 17 - 04.01.12

Had a very chilled out day....Enjoyed a shower, all the taps here pump out salt water.

Organised a Tuk Tuk and went into Dar Es Salaam mainland to "The Slipway" to watch the sunset and had dinner at Addis on Dar, an ethiopian spot with an interesting menu.  Dinner was kinda like a bedouin style experience, with 4 types of dishes placed on some sort of pancake style bread and we both eat out of the same plate, it was delicious. 

The dinner tasted a lot better on the way in than on the way out, i awoke violently out of my deep slumber at 3am with my stomach having had enough of the Ethiopian feast and insisted that the feast returns to mother earth.  and so i spent the next two days being terribly sick!!

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